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Located in San Francisco, California, iLeverage was founded on the premise that Israeli individual inventors and companies, through their investments in R&D, have created few but powerful intellectual assets, which are yet to carry out their full potential.

There is a high demand for quality patents in high technology fields. More and more companies are seeking to generate value from patents, whether it is a corporation seeking to reinforce its market share or gain the upper hand in license negotiations, or a company seeking revenue through litigation. The high demand for patents is evident from the growing number of patent filing, assignments (pure IP transactions)  and assertions (patent lawsuits).

Israel is a principal producer of ample quality patents. It is a central habitat for well-educated inventors, large scale R&D development by multinational corporations and high level VC investment. These key factors stimulate an inventive environment for high volume patent filing in leading high technology fields. Presently, there are over 10,000 U.S. patents held by Israeli companies, research centers and individuals.

Despite the high demand and quality supply, buyers and sellers alike face substantial challenges in transacting patent deals. Patent holders with limited resources have difficulty realizing patent sale and assertion opportunities. Moreover, non-Israeli buyers are reluctant to acquire patents from Israeli patent holders due to language, distance and cultural barriers and OCS involvement.

iLeverage bridges the gap between buyers and sellers, overcoming these challenges in the marketplace.




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